Facebook Deleting all Static FBML Page Tabs on December 5

Facebook is removing all Static FBML Page Tabs Wednesday, December 5, 2012. It’s the last chance to move your Static FBML Page tab content to an HTML tab.

Okay, what do those words mean?!

FBML is “Facebook Markup Language.” HTML is “Hypertext markup language.” You don’t really need to know how to speak either in order to do this!

Facebook hath sayeth:

“On December 5th, we will remove the Static FBML Page app and any Static FBML tabs you had installed on your Page will disappear.”

Many of you have already switched. But I see a fair amount of FBML still floating around out there. This USED to be the only way to get custom content onto your page…but it hasn’t been supported for a year or so, and now they are doing away with it entirely.

So what does this mean?

Facebook is completely removing the Static FBML Page Tab application. (any time you put custom content on your page, you’re using a Facebook “application.”)

Pages still using this technology for their custom tabs will lose those tabs forever, along with any and all content they house. If you’re a Page Admin still using the Static FBML app on your Page(s), you will lose your tab content if you don’t take action. NOW.

How do you know if you have any Static FBML Tabs on your Page?

At the top of your Facebook Page, click Edit Page and one of the choices such as Update Info. (you have to be a page admin in order to see this) When you get into your page dashboard, click on “Apps” over on the far left menu.

This shows a list of apps that are currently installed on your page (even if you’re not using them) Look through your list of apps for any that look say “FBML” or look like the App in the screenshot below.

If you don’t see any FBML there, you are good to go!

What if you DO see some FBML content?

If it’s something you don’t use anymore, and you don’t care about keeping, then don’t worry about it. Facebook will delete it tomorrow and it will be one less thing to clutter up your page. If you DO want to keep it, though, click on “edit settings” and it will open up your app. You can just copy and paste all your content that is in here. So copy it (it will look like jumbly code, probably) and paste it into a wordpad, notepad or text file. (try to avoid using a Microsoft Word file, because Word puts its own weird code into the text sometimes). SAVE this! Now when Facebook deletes your tab, at least you still have your content.

If you have more than one FBML content tab, that’s fine–just repeat the above instructions for each one if you want to save the content.

NOW what do you do with it?

Well, you can put this exact same content back on your page, but it has to be as an HTML tab, not an FBML tab. This video explains, step by step, how to install an HTML tab on your page and put in your own content.

If this has made you want to jump off a bridge, it is also something that I can do for you for a nominal fee! Please click here to find out more about this service.

Good luck–and post here if you have any questions!

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