How to Convert Your Facebook Profile into a Page – And What to Do Then!

So I am getting a lot of messages about the video I posted a couple of weeks ago about how to convert your profile to a page. THAT process is pretty simple, but people are confused about what to do with the data file they have downloaded, and how to get all the “stuff” that was on their profile, into their page!

Here are three videos that cover this process in detail.

In Video 1, we’ll talk about how to get your data out of Facebook once you get their email telling you it’s ready for download. (if you need to know how to initiate the download, check this video about that).

In Video 2, we’ll go over the actual process, step-by-step, of converting your profile into a page.

In Video 3, we’ll look at that ZIP file Facebook sent you, learn how to open it, look at what’s inside and what to do with it.

I want you to be totally informed about this whole process so you know exactly what to expect. Facebook gives us enough surprises, right!?

Please post comments below if you have any questions, or post on my Facebook page and I’m glad to help! As you know, Facebook changes frequently, so if there are updates, I’ll post here on the blog. And if YOU see anything new or different, let me know, too!

p.s. here are the links I mention in the videos, so you don’t have to write them down:

The post telling you how to get your data file out of Facebook

The link directly to the page on Facebook where you can initiate your profile to page conversion

Video 1: Metamorphosis: Getting your Data OUT of Facebook


Video 2: Converting your Profile to a Page


Video 3: That ZIP File and What to Do With It

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