What to do if you have two Facebook pages

It’s happened to so many organizations. You get several volunteers over the years, each one creating new social media profiles and pages to represent your cause. But what happens when those multiple accounts are in violation of Facebook’s terms of use, not to mention difficult to manage (and maybe even inaccessible)?

How do you get rid of the pages, if that’s what you should do? How can you keep all your fans and friends? What’s the best thing to do?

It’s a little different for everyone, depending on your situation.

If you have a Facebook profile for your organization, then you are in violation of Facebook’s terms of use. Please read more about this and what you can do here.

If you have more than one page for your organization, then it’s a little more complicated. It IS a violation of Facebook’s terms of service to have more than one Facebook page for the same organization, but it’s not uncommon.

There really isn’t another solution except to choose one page (probably the one with the fewest fans) and post repeatedly “We are combining our pages! Please go to page xyz (URL) and become a fan, because this page is going away on Friday!” something like that. Tell people a few times via wall posts, and then you just have to bite the bullet and delete that page. (click here to learn how to delete a Facebook page)

Will you lose some of those fans? Sure. But chances are you have a lot of duplicates, and some people are just not interested anymore. So even though you will lose a few people in the conversion, it’s still worth it. You’ll gain new fans from your concentrated effort on your one Facebook page, and continued engagement will see that pay off over time.

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