How to Combine or Merge 2 Facebook Pages

Please note: this page’s information is outdated because Facebook changes all the time! Visit the 2012 post to see the most recent information for combining Facebook pages!


GREAT news for so many of you who have multiple Facebook pages for your organizations–you can now merge the two (or three or four) pages!!

So many of us have had different people working on our social media for our organizations, and we have different pages, groups, profiles, etc. created. Now we know we need to have just ONE page for our organization, and here’s how to get there!

Keep in mind, this is for merging two PAGES. If you have a profile or a group, these instructions aren’t for you. There is currently no way–that I know of–to convert a group into a page, but you CAN now convert your Facebook profile into a page!

How to do it

This is a two-step, very simple process, but it will take a couple of business days. BIG thanks to Beth Kanter for sharing this information that she got from her insider contact at Facebook! (It helps to have friends in the right places)!

The first thing you have to do is get your page–the one you want to KEEP–“authenticated” by Facebook. Basically what this means is that Facebook needs to determine that all these pages belong to you and that they belong to your organization. So this is where you put the name and URL of the page you want to merge “into.” The page you want to keep. The other pages, the ones that you want to merge into this page, you’ll enter those pages in step 2.

So to get your page authenticated, go to this page and copy and paste the URL of your page into the form. They say that it will take up to 2 business days to get authenticated. (UPDATE August 2011: This is now taking up to a month; they are REALLY backed up!)

Now, just in case you don’t know how to find your page’s URL (I never want to make assumptions here!) that’s what starts with http://www… your address bar at the top of your browser, and looks something like this:

After you’ve received the email from Facebook that your page has been authenticated, you can do step 2!

Go to this page and enter the URL and name of your MAIN page, the authenticated one–the one you want to be your one page when this is all said and done.

Then you enter all the URLs of the pages you want to merge into that page. (these are called your “inauthentic” pages). If you have more than five inauthentic Pages that you would like to merge into your Page, just refresh the form after submitting it. You can then submit an additional request.

What happens now? Facebook will merge your pages! The fans of all the pages will now become fans of the main page. (in the case that someone was a fan of both pages, well, they’ll just remain a fan of the remaining page).

Will the content transfer over?

NO. This is VERY important to note. If you have pictures, videos, or any other content on your pages to be merged, be sure to copy and save it BEFORE you do this. Once the pages are merged, you will no longer be able to access your “inauthentic” pages anymore, and that content will be gone forever. ONLY fans will be merged.

Hopefully, this will help clean up and streamline your organization’s Facebook presence! Be sure also on your remaining “authentic” page that you have at LEAST two admins, just in case something happens; it’s never good to be the ONLY person in charge of your page.

Good luck and please post here if you have any other questions or problems!

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