How to Combine or Merge Two Facebook Pages – Updated 2012

I have another post on combining and merging Facebook pages here–with videos–but as you know, Facebook changes things A LOT, so rather than confuse you or waste your time with outdated information, I thought I’d make a new post about this.

So now, if you have multiple Facebook pages for your organizations–you ca merge the two (or three or four) pages!!

Keep in mind, this is for merging two PAGES. If you have a profile/timeline or a group, these instructions aren’t for you. There is currently no way to convert a group into a page, but you CAN now convert your Facebook profile into a page!

There are TWO ways to merge your pages. Let’s start with the first and simplest one. If this does NOT work for you, just go to option 2!

If your pages meet the right criteria–they were both created by you, they have the same name, and at least one is a “place” page, then you may be able to have Facebook automatically merge your pages for you with one click of a button!

To see if you can, go to your page (you must be a page admin to do this) and click on “edit page” in the upper right corner.


Then click on “resources” on the left column. If you see “Merge duplicate pages” as an option, then you’re golden! Just follow the instructions there to merge your pages (it will give you a list of pages that are eligible to merge).

If you DON’T have this option, or the pages it lists are not the ones you want to merge, don’t worry. There is another way!

Method 2 for Merging Facebook Pages

The first thing you need to do for option 2 is collect the URLs of your Facebook pages that you want to merge together. The FULL URL–that’s the part in the address bar, the part as well as everything that comes after the /.

Open up a word document or something and copy and paste the URL of the page you want to KEEP, first. Make SURE you keep that straight! You’re going to have to tell Facebook “this is the page I want to keep, and these are the page(s) I want to merge into that page.” (I’m going to refer to this as your “keeper” page)

(I recommend copying and pasting this way. You could write it down on a piece of paper, but these URLs are sometimes kind of long, and you don’t want to get one letter wrong and mess it up)

Next, copy the URLs of the pages you want to merge into the main one. Keep those somewhere, too.


Make SURE that you’ve gotten everything off of those pages you want to keep, such as photos, videos, testimonials, posts, etc. The ONLY thing that will be saved from these pages will be your fans–they will merge and combine with the fans of your “keeper” page. Everything else will disappear and you cannot get it back.

How to do it

Now you need to send a request to Facebook to merge your pages. You must do this while you are logged into the account that is an admin on your “keeper” page. (NOTE: If you do NOT have a personal Facebook account–only a business account that only manages your pages–this WILL NOT WORK. You have to be logged in as a real person on Facebook with a personal account)

They have made this MUCH easier, as you know if you watched my old tutorial on this subject! Just go to this URL to submit the request to merge your Facebook pages. Just choose (from the drop down menu) your “keeper” page, and then the others you want to merge into it. They call these “inauthentic” pages, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that. It can mean “extra” pages, or “pages I created by mistake” or “pages that an old volunteer created” or whatever works for you!

Just fill out your form and hit Submit. it can take a couple of hours to a couple of days to get a response. (please post back here and tell us how long it took you to get a response so people will have an idea!)

Keep in mind that if you are merging 3 pages, and each had 500 fans, you won’t necessarily get 1500 fans once it’s all said and done, because some people may have been fans of all 3 pages. But all your fans WILL combine to be fans of your one “keeper” page.

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