How to place a Paypal “Donate” button on your Facebook Page

UPDATE March 2011:

This process has changed. Facebook no longer supports FBML, which was how we created the button interface in the past. If you already have FBML installed on your Facebook page, you’re good to go–you can continue on with this tutorial, as Facebook will continue to support FBML indefinitely. You just can’t do new installations of it anymore.

So if you have a new page, or you just didn’t install FBML in time, you can STILL have lots of stuff on your Facebook page. You can collect email signups for your newsletter, you can put a calendar, you can collect donations, you can display your adoptable animals–the list goes on and on! See some examples: Pflugerville Animal Shelter, Dorothy O’Connell Pet Adoption Center, Miami Animal Alliance, to name a few.


I’ll be honest: it’s more difficult than FBML. What you have to do first is create a developer account with Facebook, because you have to create your own Facebook application, that contains all this stuff, and then install this on your page. All the images, scripts, pages, etc. that you want to display on your page, have to be hosted somewhere by you–on your site.

There are lots of services that will do this for you; the charge is an average of about $25 per month. We have a set up here at that is just for nonprofits, and for a one time fee of $97 we’ll set up your application (with any or all of those features I mentioned above) and install it on your page. We’ll set you up with a login and a simple editor so you can make changes to your page whenever you need it.

It’s just too code-intensive for us to be able to do it for everyone for free, but we’re trying to make it not too hard on your checkbook. If you have any questions, just let me know! If you would like to order, just click here to get started!

This video will walk you through (step by step) how to insert a Paypal “donate” button on your Facebook page for your shelter, using the FBML app for Facebook. You need to have your button code ready; I show you how to create a Paypal donate button in a previous post.

Let me know if you have questions or there’s anything I need to explain better!


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