Florida Big Bend DART Workshop Downloads

emilywithpugWelcome, Florida workshop attendees! Here are the downloads of the presentations/slides of the presentations I did on 4/21, as well as a few other supplementary materials. Feel free to download whichever documents you find useful!

Again, if you have questions or I can help with anything, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. My email is emily@thesocialanimal.com!



Animal Welfare Generic Social Media Policy

Create Your Own Campaign – Worksheet and Resource List

Generic Talent/Photo Release Form

YouTube Playbook for Good

Social Media for Puppies and Kittens (Powerpoint slides as PDF)

How to Create a Great Nonprofit Website (Powerpoint slides as PDF)

Fundraising with Social Media (Powerpoint slides as PDF)

Increasing Adoptions Using Social Media (Powerpoint slides as PDF)