How to do a Last-Minute Giving Tuesday Campaign

So maybe you JUST found out about #GivingTuesday, which is just two weeks away! Should your organization just forget about it and try to do something next year? No! Even with no planning ahead, you can still do SOMETHING for your organization for Giving Tuesday!

The key: FOCUS.

Set a small, achievable goal of a specific amount of money for a specific item or purpose.

“We need to raise $250 for a new office printer. Click here to donate $10.00!” is much more effective than “Please support us on #GivingTuesday!” The second phrase doesn’t contain any specifics that would make anyone want to donate.

Create a short, compelling email message to send out to prospective donors detailing the item or project, why it’s needed, how it will help your organization, and how people can donate. Be very specific about telling them how to donate–you don’t want any confusion when it comes to donating.

If you have time and ability, create a short video explaining the same thing.

Use this text (portions of it as appropriate) and the video across all your social media channels leading up to and on Giving Tuesday. Don’t be afraid to post a LOT on Giving Tuesday itself. Many nonprofits will be posting a great deal more than usual, and that is expected.

Make sure the online donation process is easy and streamlined. Donors should be able to get to your campaign page or donate page from anywhere on the web and complete their donation with just a few clicks.

Send receipts and thank-yous automatically by email and whatever other method(s) you employ.

Convey your progress on social media as the day progresses and you get closer to your goal. Thank people on social media as they are donating (where and as appropriate). Your fans want to know how close you’re getting to reaching the goal!

Once you’ve reached your goal, celebrate! Let everyone know THEY are responsible for your success. Send another email and post on social media.

Once you’ve purchased the item or completed the project, be sure to send an email with an update and another thank you, and post on social media. This shows donors (and people who didn’t donate) that you did what you’d said you would do, and that you are a good steward of peoples’ donations.

Good luck!

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