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Thinking of Other Ways to Teach Social Media

I’ve been traveling around for a few months now, speaking at animal welfare conferences about social media, and I’ve learned many things–but there are two things I find at every single conference: 1. Audience members range from people who are already on board with social media, using it daily in their organizations, and are hoping […]

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Using Social Media to Get People to Do Stuff

When you think about it, all we are really trying to do with our animal rescue is save lives. At the end of the day, that’s what it all boils down to. But to achieve this goal, we must somehow cause a series of things to happen. We need to get people to “do stuff”: […]

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For Non-Profits: Questions to Get Started in Social Media

A quandary facing many, many animal rescue groups and nonprofits is how to get STARTED using social media, and how to convince the “powers that be” that it’s a worthwhile endeavor. And then, if they are “convinced,” what is the action plan? Your organization might already have a PR person, but most likely not. And […]

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