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Here I am, signing the pledge to "Be the Change" for animals in my community. Check out to learn more!

I’m writing this on my way back home from Denver, CO where I spent the weekend in the company of hundreds of other pet-related bloggers at a conference called Blogpaws. I had originally shied away from attending this conference, because I thought it would be filled with eccentric “cat ladies” who sat at home, blogging from their cats’ perspectives all day…breed elitists who extolled the virtues of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels over all other dogs…generally, folks who don’t have anything to do with animal welfare.

Boy, was I wrong! And I’m happy to admit it.

Sure, I met some eccentric folks (aren’t all of us, in some way?!). But I learned a lot more about writing and about how to focus the content on this blog to better serve my audience. (That’s YOU!)

I’ve got a lot of new ideas. New things to write about, new ways to bring you more content that is valuable to our industry of animal shelter and rescue. New ways to promote this blog so that more of you will find it and share it with people you know in this industry. New ways to incorporate contests and giveaways to engage you.

If anyone from Blogpaws is reading this, I want to thank you. I want to tell you how great the conference was, how much I learned, and how happy I am to have met those of you I met. For my readers, this is great news because I’ll be able to bring you lots of content from a variety of different experts.

Expanding my readership starts by asking you for help! If you find the information here to be valuable, I’d ask you to pass it along to a friend or colleague. I think most of the stuff I talk about is applicable to nonprofits and other companies, not just animal welfare. So spread the word!

Also, talk to me. Tell me if there are things you’re having trouble with. I can find answers on just about any topic, even if it’s not something I personally am an expert in. Let me know what you want to learn—we’ll do a webinar! We’ll make a video!

Our main goal is to bring you the content you want to learn about—it’s that simple.

So thanks for reading, and thanks for providing feedback. Be sure to subscribe via email (look in the sidebar on any page of this site) or RSS feed so you can be sure to catch all the content that’s coming your way soon!

p.s. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Be The Change for Pets. I know just about everyone reading this blog is doing incredible things to make a difference in the lives of animals. Tap into this community and share ideas, victories, news and more–all celebrating the things we can ALL do to “Be the Change” for pets!

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