Facebook Strategies

In preparation for my seminar at the Texas Unites for Animals Lone Star Conference next week, I put together a few strategy ideas for Facebook that I’d like to share. If you have questions; let me know–I am going to go into more details about this at my session on Sunday in Austin!

Facebook Strategies

It’s very important for your organization to have a facebook “fan page,” not a “profile.” if you have a “profile,” which is reserved for real people, Facebook will delete the profile if discovered or reported. You can also use a Group if you wish.

Facebook is almost more engaging than Twitter because you often know the people you’re talking with, and at least they use their real names. They are able to post longer messages and also photos and or video.

  • Facebook, like Twitter, is very real time. If you have a lot of followers, chances are SOMEONE is online all the time, whenever you post.
  • Don’t post and get off right away. Be there in case someone has a follow-up question.
  • Comment back. If someone posts a photo of a pet they adopted, comment on it! Just takes a second, but it makes their day.
  • Even if someone is not your “friend” on facebook, you can send her a private message. If the situation warrants it, message that person privately.
  • Resist the temptation to “police” people and comments. Chances are, your fans will self-correct each other.
  • Have a personality! Even though you need to be professional, you still need to be a person. You can be funny and personable. Keep in mind your personal profile (if you’re an admin) is not tied to your Facebook page at all.

What other questions do you have about Facebook?

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