Social Media Success Kit

We love Social Media…hey, that’s why we’re called TheSocialAnimal! This stuff is second nature to us. It’s like breathing…it’s simply part of our daily routine.

If you think you’ll never get to that level of familiarity with it (and maybe you don’t want to!) then it makes sense to keep on doing what YOU do best, and let us do what WE do best!

As you know, is a free blog–we don’t make any money from our efforts here. Offering a Social Media Success Kit is a way we can offer you our expertise and services for a modest fee.

You save hours of work and possible frustration and you get a top-notch social media framework set up for you. We get to make a little money back on our investment of time. Everybody wins! And every dollar you spend with goes back into helping us do more to help YOU help animals.

Here’s what you get for a one-time investment of $299:

  • Facebook Fan Page setup (and/or Group or Community Page if you wish)
  • Facebook Privacy Settings adjusted to your specifications
  • Facebook page custom user name (
  • Twitter Account Setup
  • Custom Twitter background
  • Blog setup
  • Website evaluation/critique & Social Media strategy overview; how can you improve?
  • Access to client-only call-in sessions for exclusive tutorials & training
Social Media Success Kit