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How to place a Paypal “Donate” button on your Facebook Page

UPDATE March 2011: This process has changed. Facebook no longer supports FBML, which was how we created the button interface in the past. If you already have FBML installed on your Facebook page, you’re good to go–you can continue on with this tutorial, as Facebook will continue to support FBML indefinitely. You just can’t do […]

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How to display your Facebook Page posts in Chronological Order

Since Facebook rolled out a ton of new changes for Pages last month, many of you have been asking me why the posts on your page (from yourself and from fans) aren’t displaying in chronological order–like most recent posts first (which seems logical!). When Facebook initially rolled out these changes for Facebook (February 10), you […]

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9 Keys to Search Engine Optimization: Is YOUR website performing at its best?

Here is an overview and plain-English explanation of the nine most important things you can do — right away — to help people find your website. SEO is not brain surgery, but it does take some specific strategies. Read on to learn more about how you (yes, you!) can help your website on its way […]

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Goodbye, Daisy! You Got a Great Home!

I have to share a social media experience I just had that was pretty personal for me. I acquired two dogs (in the way that most of us do; they come to us from various places and people!) named Daisy and Josie. They were sisters–I’m guessing border collie/cocker spaniel mixes. They were about two years […]

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Tips and Tricks for Writing Great Nonprofit Holiday Donation Emails

This blog is all about how you can ask for money better than you ever have before. Remember–you are giving donors the opportunity to invest in your mission. The key is getting THEM to feel grateful and lucky at that opportunity, so they can’t WAIT for the PRIVILEGE of giving you money!

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Huge, awesome search engine secret for non-profits

I’ve been holding out for a while on posting this. Honestly, I think I kind of felt like if I kept it to myself (or to the people who already knew about it) I could ensure that there was MORE for me. But then I thought, “This is GOOGLE. They have TONS of money. There’s […]

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Great Deal on Polaroid HD USB Digital Camcorder

If you’re still on the fence about whether you want to start “doing video” with your shelter animals, this may be the deal that tips the scale for you. The Polaroid DVF-720 HD is also great, and TODAY ONLY (September 15, 2010) you can get it for $54.99!

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Back from BlogPaws

I’m writing this on my way back home from Denver, CO where I spent the weekend in the company of hundreds of other pet-related bloggers at a conference called Blogpaws. I’ve got a lot of new ideas. New things to write about, new ways to bring you more content that is valuable to our industry […]

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How to Remove Facebook Games (Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc.) From Your Facebook Feed

Your friends may place games on Facebook like Farmville, Cafe World, Mafia Wars, etc. on Facebook, but maybe you’re not interested. If the notifications from these games are cluttering up your Facebook news feed, it’s easy to remove them without “unfriending” the people who play the games! Watch this video to learn how. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgZc1Y_be9Q

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