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Case Study: Legislative Advocacy Via Social Media: SB 1712

For those attending the Social Media 101 workshop at the Taking Action for Animals conference this weekend, or anyone else who might be interested, I’m providing a thorough case study of Oklahoma Senate Bill 1712 and how the Central Oklahoma Humane Society used social media tools to get this bill passed into law. Disclaimer: You […]

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How to Recruit Volunteers Using Social Media

No matter where you are, or how small your town is, volunteers are out there, and they do want to help your organization. The question is, are YOU ready to accept volunteers? Are you ready to get to know some new people and let them into your organization, to trust them with your animals and […]

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Displaying Petfinder’s Adoptable Pet Scroller on a Facebook Page

Recently I received an email from a Social Animal reader who had successfully placed a Paypal button on her organization’s Facebook page using my tutorial. She wrote: “I just added a Paypal Donate Button to our Facebook page thank to your tutorial! I was curious to know your thoughts on adding the petfinder code for […]

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C.A.R.A. Shelter Receives Recognition (and RESULTS) for Social Media Efforts

I wanted to give a big shout out and congratulations to my friends at CARA (Community Animal Rescue and Adoption) in Jackson, MS. This video posted on YouTube gives a great overview of their shelter and what they do, but also details how they’ve been able to build up their efforts through social media. CARA […]

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Where Can I (Should I?) Find Someone to Do Social Media For My Organization?

Social media can definitely make a huge difference to your organization. But for it to really work, someone has to spend some time on it, that’s for sure. It’s all about engaging with your fans and community, and that takes some time. You really have two choices if you have decided not to do it […]

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“How Can I Promote My Event on Facebook?”

Recently I got a question via email from a Social Animal blog reader: “I am currently managing the FaceBook page for my shelter. The event I created is actually managed under a different name; it was set up before I realized you could manage multiple pages under your email. I can’t seem to invite all […]

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Overcoming Board & Administrative Objections to Social Media

What if you are completely sold on the good social media can do for your organization, but you’re encountering resistance from someone above you, like your board of directors, executive director, big donors, etc? This can certainly be frustrating, and I talk to frustrated volunteers all the time who WANT to move forward with a […]

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Thinking of Other Ways to Teach Social Media

I’ve been traveling around for a few months now, speaking at animal welfare conferences about social media, and I’ve learned many things–but there are two things I find at every single conference: 1. Audience members range from people who are already on board with social media, using it daily in their organizations, and are hoping […]

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Facebook Strategies

In preparation for my seminar at the Texas Unites for Animals Lone Star Conference next week, I put together a few strategy ideas for Facebook that I’d like to share. If you have questions; let me know–I am going to go into more details about this at my session on Sunday in Austin! Facebook Strategies […]

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