Facebook Will Identify Which Page Admin Made Each Post Starting February 20, 2014

Facebook has started posting notifications on pages (you may have seen one on yours) that starting February 20, 2014, they will begin adding the page admin’s name next to each post they make on the page.

This will NOT be visible to the public–ONLY to people who are admins on your page.

So if you have several admins on your page (and you should have at least one other person besides yourself, just for safety’s sake), you’ll be able to see who makes each post.

This is not retroactive, so it will only be for posts going forward, starting February 20.

Here’s a screenshot:


If you click on “learn more,” you go to a Facebook Help Center Page that says your page posts will show the name of the person below the name of your Page as “Posted by____.” The poster will also be identified on comments, right below the comment as “commented on by ____.”

I think it will be a good thing. No more “Who the heck posted THAT???” because you’ll be able to tell! And if you have staff or volunteers assigned to post to your Facebook page, you can monitor their progress and give them guidance as needed.

Since it won’t be visible to the public, this notation won’t interfere with your cohesive social media voice.

Although some larger brands DO elect to have their social media personnel (with larger organizations or companies, they may have several people doing social media) place their name or initials after each post they make. This CAN be beneficial, because each poster can develop a following, or an area of expertise. So if you wanted to make this part of your strategy, it’s not a bad idea, by any means. It just depends on what works for you!

Are you the only person doing social media for your organization or company? If you have several people on your social media team, do you “sign” each post with your initials or some other identifier? What do you think are the pros and cons of doing that? I’d love to hear!

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