Watch Video: Facebook for Total Beginners Webinar

So today’s webinar was small, but I’d say very successful! We had some great questions and I hope everyone learned a lot.

If you couldn’t make it to the webinar, I recorded the whole thing, so you can watch it here. Keep in mind it’s about 1 hour long, so you certainly don’t have to watch the whole thing through; just skip around to the parts that interest you. In the coming days, I’ll try to cut it up into smaller videos by topic so you can more easily find what is relevant to your situation.

I got some great feedback, too. One person said it wasn’t quite basic enough, so in the next few weeks I’ll put together a SUPER remedial (just kidding!) Facebook webinar, going over the basic basic basics!

I also want to do one that’s a bit more advanced/intermediate, so you can see how to do some specific things, like create a custom Facebook page. Some new tools are available now that make this pretty easy and they are even better than old Static FBML!

So here’s the video. You’re seeing it recorded from my screen, so from time to time you’ll see the GoToWebinar control panel; just ignore it.

Please post below and let me know what webinars YOU would like to see in the future!

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