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HD-flip-mino-saleI have made no secret of my love affair with the Flip line of cameras, especially in their utility and ease for nonprofits. Today (and TODAY ONLY!) you can get 40% off the HD Mino Flip camera on Amazon.com!

This camera is usually $199. Today you can get it for $119 and it’s eligible for FREE shipping! (Amazon usually gives you free shipping if you spend over $30).

When you click on the link to buy, it will take you to my Amazon.com store. You can order from here or from the regular amazon.com site; either way you’ll get the same price, but if you buy it from my store I get credit with amazon.com, which is nice.

Seriously, animal shelters and rescues. You can’t escape the fact that video is the future. Petfifnder.com shows that animals that have video get clicked on way more than those that don’t, and consequently are adopted faster (thus allowing us to save more lives!). This camera is so easy! It has one button. You simply turn it on, hit the button to record, hit the button to stop recording, and then plug it into your computer. The software is included, and launches automatically when you plug it in. You can do minor edits to the video, or upload it as is. It’s ready to upload to Youtube. This is foolproof! It works on a PC or Mac.

The HD (high-definition) camera is no different than the regular SD (standard definition) version, except it’s USUALLY more expensive. Today (and today only!) it’s retailing for $30 less than the SD camera! So don’t wait. Buy it today!

If you have questions about the Flip, post here and I’ll answer them.

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