Great Deal on Norton Internet Security for Cyber Monday

If you’re a non-profit, and you’re using Windows computers (which are probably old and a little slow because they were donated, right?), you can’t afford to NOT have virus protection on your PC. You might think it’s okay to skip on this, or try a “free” solution (and some of those can even be malicious spyware masquerading as free anti-spyware downloads!). This is one thing you can’t do without. A virus will bring your computer to its knees, and sometimes even its death–and that means all your data as well.

norton-internet-securityUsually Norton Internet Security runs something like $80, but has it available today as a Cyber-Monday Deal for only $30. This installation is good for three computers, which might just cover your whole rescue operations. At $10 a computer, you’d be foolish to pass up this offer.

Do it. Order it now. Ask someone to donate it to you. It will be one potential headache you can officially cross off your list for 2010!

I have no affiliation with Norton and I don’t get any money if you buy this product. I just am passing along news of a good deal to you, because I know that every dollar counts.

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