Great Deal on Polaroid HD USB Digital Camcorder

Polaroid DVF-720 HD (720p) USB Digital Camcorder

Video increases adoptions up to 20%!

If you’re still on the fence about whether you want to start “doing video” with your shelter animals, this may be the deal that tips the scale for you.

You know I love the Flip Camera. Polaroid and Kodak have come out with some really competitive models (I especially like the Kodak Zi8 and am wanting to upgrade from my own Flip SD). The Polaroid DVF-720 HD is also great, and TODAY ONLY (September 15, 2010) you can get it for $54.99!

I have no relationship with this company. I get no money if you buy this camera. I just want to pass along a good deal.

Having video to accompany photos of your animals can make a huge difference in adoption rates. Taking movies at your events can bring them home to everyone who could not attend. Video lets you connect with your supporters in a way that no other medium can–and it’s becoming more affordable (and easier!) every single day.

These cameras are incredibly easy to use and to share once you’ve shot video. Ask your supporters on Facebook and Twitter; maybe someone will donate one (or two!) to you!

Happy filmmaking!

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